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NEW: Send us your video for analysis

NEW: Send us your video for analysis

Picture this: you have an important upcoming presentation. But you are not sure if your presentation has a good story line. You are even a bit anxious about your capability to deliver it with conviction? Or you have doubts as to the visual you want to use? 

Then send us a video recording of your presentation and we will go through it. We will then set up a video call with you to discuss things to keep or improve. 

Trust us, we have been doing this for the past decade and it takes us just a couple of viewings to give you detailed feedback on:

  • The story line
    • Your intro and exit
    • The argumentation build up
    • The impact
  • The visual
    • The look and feel of your visual
    • How you use it.
  • Your communication
    • What you say
    • How you say it
    • Potential "sniping" that could occur